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    Auditions for Acting

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    Casting/Job Title Location Project Type Submit by
    Comic Rabbi Baltimore, MD Trade Show/Events/Promo 12-31-2015
    Male Dancers Baltimore, MD Dance - Ballet/Classic 12-31-2015
    FREE Model Promotion Dallas, TX Modeling - Print 12-31-2015
    Too Spoiled Modeling - Runway 12-31-2015
    Too Spoiled Modeling - Runway 12-31-2015
    ***Actors, Actresses LA, CA*** Los Angeles, CA Feature Film-Inde/low Budget 12-31-2015
    Production Company Seeks All Talent Cleveland, OH Dance - Modern/Jazz 12-31-2015
    Models Needed, No experience necessary! Los Angeles, CA Internet 12-31-2015
    Christian Actors Needed IMMEDIATELY!!! Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 12-31-2015
    scouting male models Chicago, IL Modeling - Print 12-31-2015
    Rocky Los Angeles, CA Feature Film - Non-SAG 12-15-2015
    drummer for hire Buffalo, NY Music - Drums 12-05-2015
    Exotic Dancers Wanted Earn Up To $500/HR New York City, NY Dance - Club/Gogo 12-01-2015
    Looking for all ages all types Chicago, IL Commercials 11-10-2015
    On CAmera Talent Screening. 4-18 Los Angeles, CA Modeling - Print 11-10-2015
    closed New York City, NY Music - Keyboards 10-06-2015
    Get Spoilded Right Philadelphia, PA Modeling - Runway 09-27-2015
    Agency Casting New FAces New York City, NY Modeling - Runway 08-12-2015
    Models, creative shoot on Long Island Albany, NY Modeling - Print 07-22-2015
    Telemundo , 12 Corazones Los Angeles, CA Episodic TV - Non-Union 05-23-2015

    Thinking about going on acting auditions? Well, what are you waiting for? You've been wondering, worrying, desperate for acting jobs. Acting auditions ever cross your mind? Some would-be actors may sit back and rely on an agent or casting company to get them work, curious as to why the calls aren't rolling in. Well, as hard as it may be to accept, the ugly truth is that for an agent or casting company with hundreds, possibly thousands of clients, you are probably not their top priority. You will be notified of acting auditions for projects that are looking for your specific look which come across the desk of your representative, and that's it. The reality is that they get paid whether you work or not.

    Do not let this stop you from searching for acting auditions directly. This set of circumstances is what has motivated many aspiring actors to enlist the help of online talent services that post actor's photos and profiles on the net so that agents, casting companies, casting directors, production companies, theatres and studios can have access to them and match you with projects currently in pre-production. Acting auditions are what put you in position for actually acting in more projects. Obviously, the more auditions you go on, the better your chance of getting an acting job will be.

    Here is an important tip to remember when going on acting auditions. Some acting jobs are better than others, but when you are looking for work, quantity is better than quality. Go on as many acting auditions as you can, regardless of the budget or the project. If you are getting paid for acting, that is a good thing. Wait until you are a well-known, famous actor to pick and choose. If you are not getting paid for acting yet, continue to go on acting auditions regardless of the pay. Acting in a good show keeps you performing and in the public eye. Many very famous actors still go on acting auditions. Their passion for acting is what keeps them looking for new and different opportunities in their field.

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